Chilthorne herd of Gloucestershire Old Spots & British Lops


About our herd

Our herd of GOS was founded in 2003 with the purchase of a boar called Tatworth Patrick 1 and 2 gilts Seymour Star Antionettes, we also purchased an in pig British Lop sow Greenway Harmony.

15 years later our GOS herd flourishes, we currently have 3 stud boars and approx 25 sows with gilts following. 

We re established our Lop herd in 2015  and currently have a stud boar and 8 sows.

We made our showing debut in 2016 and now we are hooked, we have been very fortunate and although we only show locally so far we have had much success.


Our Gloucestershire Old Spots

We tend to concentrate on the rarer bloodlines i have a keen interest to improve and promote these precious lines within our breeding program.

Currently we have Muriels, Star Antionette, Dahlia, Star, Countess and some good old much more common Princess Mary's. 

My favourite are the Dahlia's they are comical & sociable square pigs with lovely depth of body

We have 3 of the 4 boar lines being Sambo, Patrick and Gerald all have different attributes and work well within our varied bloodlines.


Our British Lops

Although we founded the Lops back in 2003 we lost Greenway Harmony without keeping any of her youngstock and therefore were without Lops for many years, they are a great pig and very underated not carrying as much fat as some breeds, being very hardy and such easy laid back pigs.

We currently have Actress and Sunshine sows and a Charles boar, having only re established them in fairly recent years.