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Breeders of Gloucestershire old spot & British Lop pigs, Poll Dorset & Jacob sheep, Highland cattle, Shetland ponies, British spotted ponies & Arabian horses as well as Siamese & Oriental cats.

We are long established breeders who have a passion for animals. 

Our animals welfare and care is paramount, and we aim to breed good quality healthy stock.


Where did it start

You will see more about each breed on their individual page.

Our herd of pigs was established in 2002 with 3 GOS's and 1 Lop, although we lost the Lops for a few years until we re-established the herd with 3 new additions in 2015 . We concentrate on the rarer GOS lines and have had much success with them in the show ring, the Lops are slowly following suit.

Although we have owned sheep for many years we only established our pedigree flocks in 2015 but are very much enjoying each breed for their different  qualities.

We have bred Arabs & part breds since 2003, along with British spotted ponies, with Shetlands coming along in 2010, all of which are bred for performance in many disciplines.

We only have a small fold of Highlands at present but they are beautiful to look at!

The Siamese & Orientals have always been in my life, my mum used to breed and that's where my passion for them came from, my first litter was born in 1991 which is where that particular story begins.

Although i don't show anymore we get a great deal of pleasure from both our cats and kittens.


Our animals live as natural a life as possible although we do get very wet here. 

Not only do we produce quality youngstock to sell we also have meat and Jacob skins available.

Please have a look at each page for more information on our beautiful animals, if you have any questions or queries then please pop me an email or pick up the phone and give me a call i'm always happy to chat.

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